Disturbing Videos of Deaths and Gun Battles From Kogi Elections


1. An eight year old boy gasping for air after been shot by thugs in Anyigba.
From the video a man was heard asking the boy what his name was in Igala language.

2. Wailing and crying filled the air helpers try to take the lifeless body of a boy shot thugs home in Kogi East.

3. Policemen and voters scamper for safety as the ratatata of gunshots by thugs filled the air as thugs invaded a polling unit in Kogi central.

4. Blood spilled and an Igala boy was shot and killed by thugs in Lokoja the Kogi state capital.

5. Thugs invaded a polling unit in Lokoja and carted away ballot boxes using hilux vans while siren blare from an accompanying SUV.

6. The moment thugs invaded Ayetoro Gbede in Kabba LGA of Kogi West Senatorial District, shoot sporadically into the air and carted away with election materials.

7. The moment thugs invaded a polling unit in Kabba LGA shooting sporadically at people and made away with election materials.

8. A boy shot in the thigh was seen taken to the hospital on motorbike in Kogi West Senatorial District of Kogi State.

9. Grave a boy shot dead in Ayetoro Kogi West been prepared for his burial.


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