Kogi State Government and Food Security By Emmanuel Iyede


Even though the prices of food items are determined by market forces, I think it’d be better if our state government come up with policies that will ensure food security for Kogites.

By this, I mean a policy that will benefit even the unemployed.

Every year, we watch predators move out truck loads of yam, rice, cassava, maize and other stable foods from the state to larger markets.
Even though the chains of export is good for our farmers, the end users/consumers are usually left to tend to the bruises sustained from these exports.

The state government must look beyond fruitless “we go pepper dem” juvenile delinquencies and focus on micro economics policies that will benefit us all.

These policies must be finetuned to an equilibrium point where the farmers and the consumers will both be happy.

Factors such as insecurity, flooding, pest invasion, bush fire, cult clashes, theft and other factors have over time, affected food production in the state.

Some of these disasters are annual, while others are man made. It is unclear whether the state government is treating these challenges as urgent or finding solutions isn’t a priority to them.

By October 2017, the level of hunger in the state had reached an epidemic stage. Federal lawmakers, Non Governmental Organizations, Individuals and Corporations began to donate food items to some families and individuals, mostly civil servants at the two tiers of governments in Kogi state.

Please read —->> https://www.premiumtimesng.com/regional/north-central/247296-40-senators-donate-1260-bags-rice-kogi-workers-dino-melaye.html

A new slate is here for Bello to change the narratives and engage in profitable ventures that will benefit the people.

Derailing or shifting focus to trivialities at this moment will be his greatest undoing.

Once beaten, twice shy.


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